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This song is by Transcend and appears on the album The Mind (2011).

I have returned.
Questions of the mind,

Mystery of the soul -
They have been answered.

Now that I've emerged I must admit I've learned a lot.
The ancient winds of wisdom carried me,

Severed from the world I was alone or so I thought.
I've finally found the strength to spread my wings.

It seems so soon,
Our senses back in tune.
Universe, (universe)
Awaken light in you.

You would not believe what I have seen throughout the years.
The amnesty and mympathy within.
I've conquered all my pain and walked along beside my fears.
Repent once and for all for all my sins.

Remind me why these eyes are mine.
The sky is grey.
The colors drained.

It seems so soon,
Our senses back in tune.
The universe,
Awaken light in you.

So comfortable at home.
My feet back on the ground.
My mind is put at ease.
Serenity is found.

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