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​A New Mind Of The New World

This song is by Transcend.

So nice to look into your eyes again.
It's been so long my love...
Been gone for what it seems like a moment of infinity.

You and I were meant to touch the sky.
We must remain without each other.
We must remain alone. (alone)

All is gone, (don't leave me)
All is lost.

Mother you were the one who gave birth to my dreams.
Father you taught me all that I know and I do.
And now your names are carved in stone
And finally you've been set free -
Good bye.

Expose a new mind for a new world,
Smother the flame of our greed.
Embracing all that fate has brought to me,
Accepting death.

The voices within my counciousness
Have lit up a path, to a mind at ease.

All that I've learnt, and all I've become.
For humanity, to unite as one.

We unite and now we see we've been mislead throughout the years.
We've drifted through the days and now we've found our way.
Through his sacrifice he is a martyr for us all,
A brighter future lies ahead and now

I will transcend...