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Compilation by various artists.
Disc 1
  1. Push! (Backside Artist remix edit) by Shaun Baker
  2. Listen to Your Heart by DHT
  3. The Sign 2006 (Shibuya remix edit) by SveN-R-G Vs. Bass-T
  4. Apache Rocks the Bottom! by Scooter
  5. Since U Been Gone (Da Franco remix edit) by The Real Booty Babes
  6. Kylie (Pulsedriver remix edit) by Akcent
  7. Here I Am by Special D.
  8. Reach for the Light (dance Nation mix edit) by Double Nation
  9. Movin' On by Ian Van Dahl
  10. Million Miles From Home by Akira
  11. The Riddle (Sven-R-G vs. Bass-T remix edit) by DJ Tricky
  12. Chrystal Ship by Renegade Masterz
  13. The Love You Promised (Cascada radio edit) by The Usual Suspects
  14. I Wanna Be Your Star by Marco Juliano
  15. Flash in the Night (Real Booty Babes remix edit) by An Active Trip
  16. Downhill Dancing (Bass Cap cut) by Tonic & Serenity
  17. Close to You by Marilyn
  18. Kill 4 Love (Rave Allstars radio mix) by Ramon Zerano & Marc Korn
  19. Your Heart Keeps Burning (White Bunny remix edit) by Pain & Wild
  20. Kiss Me! (original radio cut) by Rushroom
  21. Feel Fine by Tune Up!
Disc 2
  1. Sunrise (vocal radio edit) by 4 Strings
  2. S.O. S (Message in a Bottle) (Sander Van Doorn radio edit) by Sander Van Doorn
  3. Let U Go (reworked) by ATB
  4. Voice From Down by Nomansland
  5. Drowning Sunlight by Ronski Speed & Stoneface & Terminal
  6. Tibet by Clokx
  7. Without You by Dogzilla
  8. Unite (Alt+F4 remix edit) by Ayumi Hamasaki
  9. Feeling Free by Crown & Crusher
  10. If I Could by DJ Tatana
  11. Cenwen (Vengeance Spellforce mix edit) by Denga & Manus
  12. Cry (DJ Shah & Pedro Del Mar remix edit) by System F
  13. Radio Waves (David Van Eynde remix edit) by Fragma
  14. Fusion (Super 8 remix edit) by Hiver & Hammer
  15. Dance With a Devil by Filo & Peri
  16. Devil in Disguise by Aycan
  17. Your Touch by Dawes
  18. Feel It by DJ Jean
  19. Human Rights by G-Spott
  20. Clearly by Dyan B.
  21. Feel Alright by Manu L.J.

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