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Queen Alexandra Road Is Where She Said She'd Be, But Was She There To Meet Me... No Chance

This song is by Toy Dolls and appears on the album Dig That Groove Baby (1983).

She was at a party I was stuck at home
I was not invited so she went on her own
I will not be long now this is what she said
I'm stood waiting for her I must be off my head

Queen Alexandra Road is where she said she'd be
But was she there to meet me? No chance.
I was going to land her a thump when I see her you see
She's forgotten about me.

It was well past midnight she still dug the groove
I just stood there freezing I couldn't even move
She will soon get sick now want to go back home
There was no sign of her I should have known

Oh riganortis set in, I was a block of ice
I'de even missed the late film starring VincentPrice
Two o'clock she turned up, have you been waiting long?
She looked into my eyes sweetly, I said not that long...