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In The Name Of Science

This song is by Toxic Holocaust and appears on the album An Overdose Of Death... (2008).

Experimentation, you're sent to the lab
Caged and fearing the worst
Hundreds of victims preparing to die
Fearing what will come next
Led to the back, cuffed in a line
One at a time they're hooked
To a machine erasing their minds
New thoughts are planted in their heads

Drugged and tested, you are the first to die
Second one up, the electrodes begin to fry
Thoughts injected, a life you've never known
All in the name of science, your mind is blown

Crossing the line of what's wrong or right
Human rodents locked in a cage
The needle goes in as the room goes black
Sedate and ready to start
Strapped to a chair as your life fades away
Draining everything you knew
Your body's alive, but it's not your mind
The final procedure goes through

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