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Death Camp

This song is by Toxic Holocaust and appears on the album Hell On Earth (2005).

The confusion sets in and you're lost in the smoke
Pleading for freedom, let us all go
Trapped here in hell, and killed one by one
Death will be certain, your time has come

Imprisonment - genocide
Torture - you won't survive
Extermination - end of life
Try to run - you will die

Stench of decay seeps through the cells
Sentenced to die in this morbid fucking hell
Bodies stacked high, one more to the count
Once your here, you're never getting out

Death camp - slow death
Savor your last breath

Chained to the walls to die of starvation
Tortured to death to speed the extermination
Bled dry the veins and fill them full of shit
Another fucking corpse to add to the pit

Women are raped
Bodies fucking decay
Chained and are beaten
Won't live another day
Hell on earth
That ends with you fucking dead
Wish to be free
Follow the corpses who have fled

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