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This song is by Townes Van Zandt and appears on the album A Far Cry From Dead (1999).

Headin' from El Paso
Ridin' down the highway
Look out my window
What do I see
Some armadillo done gone crazy
Flew in front of semi
Man, looks like squash to me

Thinkin' 'bout my my baby
Livin' down in Houston
Wonder if that squashes armadillo too
Guess I'll stop in Greenland
And have me some ol' veggies
This highway will do that to you

I'm thinkin' Squash
On the highway
Coyote and Armadillo, Possum too
I'm talkin' Squash
Out on the highway
Vitamin D and A and B Complex too
I'm talkin' Squash

Domestic Animals
Occasional Cat
In the Winter it's frozen food
I'm talkin' Squash
Winter kill
Out on the highway
Summer too
I'm talkin' Squash
Vitamin A and B1 too
I'm talkin' Squash
Out on the highway
If you promise to do your part
I'll do mine too

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