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East Bay Grease (1970)Edit

Tower Of Power - East Bay Grease

East Bay Grease

  1. Knock Yourself Out
  2. Social Lubrication
  3. The Price
  4. Back on the Streets Again
  5. The Skunk, the Goose, and the Fly
  6. Sparkling in the Sand

Bump City (1972)Edit

Tower Of Power - Bump City

Bump City

  1. You Got To Funkifize
  2. What Happened To The World That Day?
  3. Flash In The Pan
  4. Gone
  5. You Strike My Main Nerve
  6. Down To The Nightclub
  7. You're Still A Young Man
  8. Skating On Thin Ice
  9. Of The Earth

Tower of Power (1973)Edit

Tower Of Power - Tower of Power

Tower of Power

  1. What Is Hip?
  2. Clever Girl
  3. This Time It's Real
  4. Will I Ever Find a Love?
  5. Get Yo' Feet Back on the Ground
  6. So Very Hard to Go
  7. Soul Vaccination
  8. Both Sorry Over Nothin'
  9. Clean Slate
  10. Just Another Day

Back to Oakland (1974)Edit

Tower Of Power - Back to Oakland

Back to Oakland

  1. Oakland Stroke...
  2. Don't Change Horses (In The Middle Of A Stream)
  3. Just When We Start Makin' It
  4. Can't You See (You Doin' Me Wrong)
  5. Squib Cakes
  6. Time Will Tell
  7. Man From The Past
  8. Love's Been Gone So Long
  9. I Got The Chop
  10. Below Us, All The City Lights
  11. ...Oakland Stroke

Urban Renewal (1975)Edit

Tower Of Power - Urban Renewal

Urban Renewal

  1. Only So Much Oil In The Ground
  2. Come Back, Baby
  3. It's Not The Crime
  4. I Won't Leave Unless You Want Me To
  5. Maybe It'll Rub Off
  6. (To Say The Least) You're The Most
  7. Willing To Learn
  8. Give Me The Proof
  9. It Can Never Be The Same
  10. I Believe In Myself
  11. Walkin' Up Hip Street

In the Slot (1975)Edit

Tower Of Power - In the Slot

In the Slot

  1. Just Enough and Too Much
  2. Treat Me Like Your Man
  3. If I Play My Cards Right
  4. As Surely as I Stand Here
  5. Fanfare-Matanuska
  6. On the Serious Side
  7. Ebony Jam
  8. You're So Wonderful, So Marvelous
  9. Vuela Por Noche
  10. Essence of Innocence
  11. The Soul of a Child
  12. Drop It in the Slot

Power (1987)Edit

Tower Of Power - Power


  1. Baby's Got The Power
  2. Credit
  3. Some Days Were Meant For Rain
  4. Boys Night Out
  5. Ball And Chain
  6. Through Lovers Eyes
  7. Count On Me
  8. On The One
  9. Up Against Yourself

Monster on a Leash (1991)Edit

Tower Of Power - Monster on a Leash

Monster on a Leash

  1. Little Knowledge (Is A Dangerous Thing)
  2. How Could This Happen To Me
  3. Who Do You Think You Are
  4. Attitude Dance
  5. You Can't Fall Up (You Just Fall Down)
  6. Funk The Dumb Stuff
  7. Believe It
  8. Personal Possessions
  9. Miss Trouble (Got A Lot Of Nerve)
  10. Keep Your Monster On A Leash
  11. Someone New
  12. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

T.O.P. (1993)Edit

Tower Of Power - T.O.P.


  1. Soul With A Capital 'S'
  2. It All Comes Back
  3. Please Come Back To Stay
  4. The Real Deal
  5. Come To A Decision
  6. Cruise Control
  7. The Educated Bump (Part 1)
  8. Mama Lied
  9. Quiet Scream
  10. I Like Your Style
  11. You
  12. South Of The Boulevard
  13. Come On With It
  14. The Educated Bump (Part II)

Souled Out (1995)Edit

Tower Of Power - Souled Out

Souled Out

  1. Souled Out
  2. Taxed To The Max
  3. Keep Comin' Back
  4. Soothe You
  5. Do You Wanna (Make Love To Me)
  6. Lovin' You Forever
  7. Gotta Make A Change
  8. Diggin' On James Brown
  9. Sexy Soul
  10. Just Like You
  11. Once You Get A Taste
  12. Undercurrent

Rhythm & Business (1997)Edit

Tower Of Power - Rhythm & Business

Rhythm & Business

  1. So I Got To Groove
  2. Crazy For You
  3. East Bay Way
  4. Unconditional Love
  5. You Do The Math
  6. The More You Know
  7. Recapture The Magic
  8. What's Your Trip
  9. Rhythm & Business
  10. Don't Knock Me Down
  11. That Was Then This Is Now
  12. It Really Doesn't Matter
  13. Spank-A-Dang

Oakland Zone (2003)Edit

Tower Of Power - Oakland Zone

Oakland Zone

  1. Eastside...
  2. Give Me Your Love
  3. Get What You Want
  4. Could've Done It Better
  5. This Type of Funk
  6. Pocketful of Soul
  7. Remember Love
  8. Oakland Zone
  9. Life Is What You Make It
  10. Happy 'Bout That
  11. Stranger in My Own House
  12. Back in the Day
  13. Page One
  14. ...Eastside

Other SongsEdit

  1. 634-5789
  2. Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel
  3. I Thank You
  4. Loveland
  5. Me & Mrs. Jones
  6. Mr. Pitiful
  7. Since You've Been Gone
  8. Who Is He


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