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This song is by Total Devastation and appears on the album Wreck (2006).

Weird sensations, appear, disappear
Burning parts, entrails, limbs
Pins, needles, all over, waiting away
Twitching rapidly, never stop, night and day
Disease waiting, only anxiety gets worse

Fear of muscle wasting, clinical weakness
Sharp pain radiating, from toe to head
Cold wave, burning feelings, difficulty in tasks
Hot spots everywhere, nerve entrapments
Full body twitch taken control
Tremor with no logic at all
Hoping all to be benign
Wishing day to begin with no twitch
Self diagnoses, doses of drugs
Quick cure, waiting all to get better

Let's twitch

Days gone by, no improvement
Symptoms haunting, no way for healing
Neuromuscular disease, fasciculations
Muscles no more, nerves will die

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