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Da Soopa Doopa

This song is by Total Devastation and appears on the album Total Devastation (1993).

He's a smooth chocolate brother
Uh check me out y'all
The Soopa Doopa Soopa Doopa
Let the funk flow

You should never write a check that your ass can't cash
Tryin' to plot on my knot you better get a light pass
And like the horny man I be scoopin up trash
It's a sucker free tribe with the cloud nine vibe
Make a move and get paid do a spot for saint ives
'Cause I'm the Soopa Doopa and you know I get juice
I pack a sucker free 8 sometimes a duce duce
If were gonna get stoned deliver like Malone
It's the big nigga Tone and I'm bad to the bone
I never have to flex sometimes I got to fex
Now I wex in the door when I cash large checks
I got skills most flavor smoke a blunt with my neighbor
You might be great but the toss up is greater
But I'm outy I'm gone I'm ghost so later

The Soopa Doopa nigga that'll
The Soopa Doopa nigga that'll
Knockin' niggas on Knockin' niggas out
Knockin' fools out with the endo on the breath (repeat 3)

I take long trips pour honey dips
I'm the kid from down the block and they rock nonstop
My styles on the street so fuck goin' pop
It's the afro Cuban gettin' paid like Rick Ruban
Comin' face to face so what the hell are you doin'
Then I'll take your manhood then you'll be ruined
With a few choice words so (fuck what you heard)
Hip hop is my duty you soft and cool booty
You went to the pain get fuck to Tom Fruity
I walk with a bit I love to pop shit
And punk mother fuckers really make me sick
'Cause I'm livin' extra large straight taken charge
And like cool Keefer I'm flaucin mother fuckin' cars
Visit family in Havana rock a show in Atlanta
And black magic woman pass a jam pass a jam
With the DGF style 'cause I don't give a fuck

On my last episode yo I come kinda bold
And like the house of pain this is one for the road
I like the dream team it's all about the gold
But I do the right thing I let the beat flow
But must I continue there's more on the menu
The Soopa Doopa kid on the hip hop venue
I once did time stuck in a bind
Lost in a system but now I gets mine
Cause you live and learn but watch out you'll get burned
Blessed when tears but now it's my turn
It's the underground shit but just a little bit
Tuff Cut made the beat another certified hit
So you can get the balls or better yet the dick
'Cause I'm rubbin of the wax buggin off the tracks
And like Black Sheep I like them similax similax similax

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