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March Of Death

This song is by Torture Killer and appears on the album Phobia (2013).

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Welcome my nightly demons, oh how I've waited thee
The voice inside says: "Kill the ones who sunk in travesty"
The ones without an honour - will have their suffering
The ones we doom with horror - will hear death marching

Time stands still
In the moment when I kill
The March of Death
On a path that never ends
With pulverizing terror - we defend our cause
Through death and brutal murders - order is restored

I despise this world that is lost
Where weak reserve the right
To lose at all costs

What is your excuse? Why is truth ignored?
To life-support the scum
To fall some fucking more!?

I despise this world and its fools
How can this be right
When maggots set the rules?

I defy this shit we are in
Let The March
Of Death

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