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Distant Storm

This song is by Tori Amos.

This song is featured in the movie China O'Brien.
Caught in summer clothes, in freezing winter rain
Running through it all, believing in my pain
In a life, where only the strong survive
Just in time, I easily could have died

I can hear the thunder from a distant storm
I can hear the thunder from a distant storm
Ringing in my ears
Driving through my tears
Driving me through my tears

Wish I could go away for a holiday
With a brand new bag for a (?) in a day
A friend who meets me with a friendly face
Got a (?) in my hands (?) all over this place

We can meet with (?) put one in my shoe
And a job for two, the things that I can do
Flying nowhere special to another town
Thinking I might over and over again

Written by:

Tori Amos (credited to Tess Makes Good)

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