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This song is by Torch and appears on the album Torch (1983).

Midnight torch light
Full moon is rising
Darkness skies wind that cries
Thunder and lightning
I'm a man of darkness I'm a man of evil
A devil in disguise
Man's tears lies, and tears
In my blood red eyes

Warlock mad magician
Warlock voodoo night
Warlock superstition
Warlock scream with fright

Hell bound spellbound by warlock's magic
Your faith too late turns out so tragic
My words send shivers
Up and down your spine
Whisper a charm
Be still gods will want you no harm

Warlock ...

Ashes to ashes dust to dust
Die without fear die with trust
When the time comes you get what you earn
As the bells talks it's time to return
To the warlock


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