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Hot On Your Heels

This song is by Torch and appears on the album Electrikiss (1984).

Heading out for vengeance
Eye for an eye no time for emotions
Too late to cry
Crossing down the circle street
My search lights on your train
My body is fueled got all the power
On the furious game

I stand outside your window
The fast steps in the dark
Haunt you like a demon
Heavy as a shark
Like a sacrifice of land
Trapped inside a cage
The time has come to you my friend
To get to know my rage

Run, hid, abandon hope

Hot on your heels
Hot on your heels
A killer on the prowl
Hot on your heels
Hot on your heels
Gonna hunt you down

Heading out for vengeance...

Run, hide, and abandon hope

Hot on your heels...

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