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Beauty And The Beast

This song is by Torch and appears on the album Torch (1983).

The way you move across the floor
Send shivers down my spine
The way you touch and squeeze my thing
Just make me feel so fine
You heat me up I just can't stop
I must unchain my lust
I just can't rest I lose my breath
As you release your bust

I can feel the silken skin
Makes me iron burn red hot
Just lay back relax my babe

And I'll give you all I've got
I'm on the prowl a wolf that howls
I'm starving for your touch
And when we start our exercise
It's almost just too much

On the floor we get down
In the hall all around
All is love first degree
Making magic wait and see
Just stay close with me
Don't you there disagree?
Making love from west to the east
Beauty beauty and the beast

Just every whisper from your lips
Becomes a sirens songs
You break me down you make me weak
I thought that I was strong
In the leather lace your bodies ache
Just make me wanna scream
You are an angel in the sky
Just every young man's dream
On the floor ...

Hey honey - get your knee pads on
'Cause we're gonna make love
But don't you waste my precious time
'Cause I ain't got time to fuck around

You're my beauty my beauty queen
And I'll be your dribbling beast
Beauty beauty and beast
Beauty beauty and beast

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