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Onka's Big Moka (2000)Edit

Toploader - Onka's Big Moka

Onka's Big Moka

  1. Let The People Know
  2. Dancing In The Moonlight
  3. Achilles Heel
  4. Breathe
  5. Do You Know What Your Future Will Be?
  6. Only For A While
  7. Higher State
  8. High Flying Bird
  9. Summer Cycle
  10. Just About Living
  11. Floating Away (In The Bath Tub)

Magic Hotel (2002)Edit

Toploader - Magic Hotel

Magic Hotel

  1. Time Of My Life
  2. Cloud 9
  3. Never Forgotten
  4. Leave Me Be
  5. Lady Let Me Shine
  6. Stupid Games
  7. Following The Sun
  8. Only Desire
  9. Promised Tide
  10. The Midas Touch
  11. Some Kind Of Wonderful

Only Human (2011)Edit

Toploader - Only Human

Only Human

  1. Marrakech
  2. A Balance to All Things
  3. Sound of Your Soul
  4. Never Stop Wondering
  5. Paradise
  6. Only Human
  7. Closure
  8. Weight of the World
  9. She Said
  10. Shifting Sands
  11. Numb
Special Edition bonus tracks
  1. A Balance to All Things (Ash Howes Radio Edit)


  1. Alien (CD1 of Achilles Heel single)
  2. Colour Me In (CD1 of Achilles Heel single)
  3. You In Stone (CD2 of Achilles Heel single)

Other SongsEdit

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  1. As Big As A House
  2. Don't Push Me Too Far
  3. Have & To Hold
  4. Hero Underground
  5. If Six Was Eight
  6. Jack
  7. Lucy
  8. Stepping Stone
  9. Sub Love
  10. The Heat Within
  11. The Man I Know I Am
  12. This Is Our Home
  13. You Keep Me Hanging On

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