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Compilation by various artists.
Disc 1
  1. Unite by The O.C. Supertones
  2. Deep Surround by Fold Zandura
  3. Monosynth by Joy Electric
  4. Someday by PlankEye
  5. Jamie's Kisses by Pep Squad
  6. West Coast Friendship by Bon Voyage
  7. Rebel Youth by The Dingees
  8. It Must Be Wonderful by Outer Circle
  9. Misaligned Men of Flomation by Frodus
  10. Aloha, It's You by Huntingtons
  11. Rubbernecker by Danielson Famile
  12. East on Tracks by Slick Shoes
  13. Dear Charlotte by Craig's Brother
  14. Ravage Ritual by Zao
  15. Silent Film by Puller
  16. Seperate by Morella's Forest
  17. Breed by Embodyment
  18. Sundown by Starflyer 59
  19. Internal Combustion by Warlord
  20. Egos the Size of Cathedrals by Roadside Monuments
  21. Outbreak by Ninety Pound Wuss
  22. Acqueisce by Ghoti Hook
  23. Rock and Roll Girl by MxPx
Disc 2
  1. Haze by Royal
  2. Second Chances by Stretch Arm Strong
  3. Burial by Extol
  4. The 2:48 Lie by Spitfire
  5. Freakshow by Pep Squad
  6. Feel the Burn by Dogwood
  7. Chase the Sun by The O.C. Supertones
  8. Duane Joseph by The Juliana Theory
  9. Rock and Roll Star by Fanmail
  10. Green Eyed Cat by The Deluxtone Rockets
  11. Keep Waiting by Stavesacre
  12. Leave the Kids Alone by The Dingees
  13. No Pool Party Tonight by Huntingtons
  14. Savannah by Zao
  15. No New Kinda Story by Starflyer 59
  16. New York City Is Overrated by Training For Utopia
  17. Are You the Walrus? by FurtherMore
  18. The Motivation Song by Selmindead
  19. Go-Go to the Graveyard by The Deadlines
  20. Another One by Off The Record
Disc 3
  1. Forever Yours by Shorthanded
  2. Angel by Slick Shoes
  3. One Less Addiction by Embodyment
  4. Knife Fight by Society's Finest
  5. They'll Never Take Me Alive by Squad Five-O
  6. Light Blue Collar by Luti-Kriss
  7. Chevy Noca by Ghoti Hook
  8. Top of the World (To the Simple Too) by The Juliana Theory
  9. High 5 by Calibretto 13
  10. We Rock Harder Than You Ever Knew by Fine China
  11. Pandora's Box by The O.C. Supertones
  12. Tonight by Ace Troubleshooter
  13. A Structure of Souls by Extol
  14. I Want It That Way by Fanmail
  15. Wah Wah by 3rd Root
  16. Nothing New by Dogwood
  17. Standing on the Edge of Midnight by Element 101
  18. She's the Girl by Puller
  19. Middle Man by The Dingees
  20. Snowbirds and Townies by Further Seems Forever
Disc 4
  1. Local Vengeance Killing by Living Sacrifice
  2. You Know Who You Are by Blenderhead
  3. 5 Year Winter by Zao
  4. Guilty by Soapbox
  5. Goodbyes Are Sad by Starflyer 59
  6. GSF by MxPx
  7. All My Friends Who Play Guitar
  8. Friday Nite by Slick Shoes
  9. The Youngest Son by The Undecided
  10. For the Record by Stretch Arm Strong
  11. Not Getting Off by Side Walk Slam
  12. I Fade Away by Soul Embraced
  13. Yours Truly by Embodyment
  14. Gold and Silver by Stavesacre
  15. Spirit of Revival by Eso-Charis
  16. Breathing by Wires by The Juliana Theory
  17. I Don't Want to Change the World, I Just Want to Change Your Mind by Squad Five-O
  18. 1200 Stares by The Blamed
  19. Hug Every Friend by Fine China
  20. Letter to Myself by FurtherMore
  21. Sweet Wound Sour by Still Breathing
Disc 5
  1. When the Sun Sleeps by Underoath
  2. Hands of Men by Twothirtyeight
  3. Condolences by Too Bad Eugene
  4. The Worst Days by Havalina
  5. Burgundy by Dead Poetic
  6. Bullet to Binary by MewithoutYou
  7. Your Touch by Kutless
  8. FMZ4 by Mortal
  9. Face:Face by Norma Jean
  10. The Telephone by Bon Voyage
  11. Crushed by Poor Old Lu
  12. Infected by Demon Hunter
  13. Andy's Doin' Time by Bleach
  14. Chorus of the Birds by Lucerin Blue
  15. The Fragile by Element 101
  16. The Sound by Further Seems Forever
  17. Parade of Chaos by Zao
  18. Modern Day Prayer by Twothirtyeight
  19. Symbiotic' by Living Sacrifice
Disc 6
  1. Just a Man by The O.C. Supertones
  2. Aimless Endeavor by Beloved
  3. Just Like You by Halo Friendlies
  4. The Sun Also Rises by Brave Saint Saturn
  5. Shine Like Stars by Holland
  6. Ready Fuels by Anberlin
  7. Clear by Watashi Wa
  8. Temporary by Hangnail
  9. Pages Yet to Be Written by Slow Coming Day
  10. First Heart Attack by Starflyer 59
  11. Summertime by Mae
  12. We Bury Our Dead at Dawn by The Agony Scene
  13. Kill and Decieve by Figure Four
  14. Crazy Man by FM Static
  15. (I Am) Made From the Wires by Joy Electric
  16. Commons and Robbers by Fighting Jacks
  17. Promise by Spoken
  18. Phenomenon by Thousand Foot Krutch
  19. December by Bleach
  20. Time Will Pass You By by Side Walk Slam
  21. Untitled (Hidden Track)

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