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I Didn't Know What Time It Was

This song is by Tony Bennett and appears on the album Tony Sings For Two (1961).

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I Didn't Know What Time It Was
I didn't know what time it was,
Then I met you.
Oh, what a lovely time it was,
How sublime it was too!
I didn't know what day it was,
You held my hand.
Warm like the month of May it was,
And I'll say it was grand.
Grand to be alive, to be young,
To be mad, to be yours alone!
Grand to see your face, feel your touch,
Hear your voice say I'm all your own.
I didn't know what year it was,
Life was no prize.
I wanted love and here it was
Shining out of your eyes.
I'm wise,
And I know what time it is
Yes, I'm wise and I know what time it is now.

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