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Got The Gate On The Golden Gate

This song is by Tony Bennett and appears on the album Who Can I Turn To (1964).

Went for a walk on day alone
Down around the bay
I guess you could say that it was fate
How else could I have met my love
On the Golden Gate?

She strolled along the bridge, and she
Was the cutest pigeon, gee
Did you never palpitate?
Well, you'd have swooned to see her there
On the Golden Gate

I looked into her eyes
And foggy skies were clear
Just when I thought love was here
What a switch
Along came a Cadillac
It stopped and she got in back
Alas and alack, she had a date

I finally found the love I longed for too late
I have no gold and got the gate on the Golden Gate

I hung around to see if she would reappear
But no such luck and now it's clear I'm a goner

Now every day I stroll along
Down around the bay
I guess I'll simply chalk it up to fate

And that's what happens to you when you don't rate
I had no gold and got the gate on the Golden Gate

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