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The Funky Western Civilization

This song is by Tonio K and appears on the album Life in the Foodchain (1978) and on the compilation Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the '80s, Vol. 2 (1994).

Come on everybody
Get on your feet
Get with the beat
There's a brand new dance craze
Sweeping the nation
And it's called the Funky
Western Civilization

Well there's a riot in the courthouse
There's a fire in the street
There's a sinner bein' trampled
By a thousand pious feet
There's a baby every minute
Bein' born without a chance
Now don't that make you want
To jump right up and start to dance?

Let's do the Funky
The Funky Western Civilization
It's really spunky
It's just like summertime vacation
You just grab your partner by the hair
Throw her down and leave her there

They put Jesus on a cross
They put a hole in J.F.K.
They put Hitler in the driver's seat
And looked the other way
Now they've got poison in the water
And the whole world in a trance
But just because we're hypnotized
That don't mean we can't dance

We've got the Funky
The Funky Western Civilization

Oh get down
Get funky
Get Western
(Own up to it boys and girls)
And if you try real hard
Maybe you can even get
Civilized ...

Here, following, L'Inspiré Poulet Solitaire, your
Friend Tonio launches into an obscure monologue
About Joan of Arc and Saturday night. Or is it a
Transdimensional soliloquy by Joan herself? Or is
It Myel reading a hastily prepared script? And what
Does this mean:

You can bullshit the baker and get the buns
You can back out of every deal except one.