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Handful Of Songs

This song is by Tommy Steele.

I've got a handful of songs to sing you,
Can't stop my voice when it longs to sing you
New songs and blue songs
And songs to bring you happiness,
No more, no less.

Moreover, wherever we may roam to,
Or any shore where we might be blown to,
We know that we're gonna fell at home to
La bella musica, jazz, and cha cha cha,
Calypsos and street vendor cries,
Strains of old refrains, sleepy time baby lullabies.

I've got a handful of songs to sing you,
I've got a heart full of love to bring you,
True love for you love, and love's a thing you keep,
So here's a handful of songs going cheap.

Just a handful of songs,
Just a handful of songs,
Only a handful of songs!

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