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Girls With Guns (1984)Edit

Tommy Shaw - Girls With Guns

Girls With Guns

  1. Girls With Guns
  2. Come in and Explain
  3. Lonely School
  4. Heads Up
  5. Kiss Me, Hello (Extended Version)
  6. Fading Away
  7. Little Girl World
  8. Outside in the Rain (Extended Version)
  9. Free to Love You
  10. Race Is On

What If? (1985)Edit

Tommy Shaw - What If?

What If?

  1. Jealousy
  2. Remo's Theme (What If)
  3. Reach for the Bottle
  4. This Is Not a Test
  5. See Me Now
  6. True Confessions
  7. Count on You
  8. Nature of the Beast
  9. Bad Times
  10. Friendly Advice

Ambition (1987)Edit

Tommy Shaw - Ambition


  1. No Such Thing
  2. Dangerous Game
  3. Weight of the World
  4. Ambition
  5. Ever Since the World Began (cover of "Ever Since the World Began" by Survivor)
  6. Are You Ready for Me
  7. Somewhere in the Night
  8. Love You Too Much
  9. Outsider
  10. Lay Them Down

7 Deadly Zens (1998)Edit

Tommy Shaw - 7 Deadly Zens

7 Deadly Zens

  1. Ocean
  2. Stop Knockin'
  3. All in How You Say It
  4. What Do You Want from Life
  5. In This Night
  6. Half a Mind
  7. Straight Down the Line
  8. Diamond
  9. Inspiration (Mona Lisa)
  10. Who I Am (Need Water)
  11. Down on the Ground
  12. A Place to Call My Own
  13. It Doesn't Show (hidden track)
  14. How Should I Feel? (bonus track - available only in Japan)

The Great Divide (2011)Edit

  1. The Next Right Thing
  2. Back In Your Kitchen
  3. Sawmill
  4. The Great Divide
  5. Shadows In The Moonlight
  6. Get On The One
  7. Umpteen Miles
  8. Cavalry
  9. Afraid To Love
  10. Give 'Em Hell Harry
  11. I'll Be Coming Home

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