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Back To The Roots

This song is by Tommy Roe and appears on the album Full Bloom (1977).


Back to the roots, that's where I'm bound
I left my heart, back in that old town
Left home the day, I turned eighteen,
A hitch-hiking fool, chasing a dream
But it's back to the roots again,
Iv'e seen all I want to see,
Of this old world outside my picket fence back home
Yes it's back to the roots again
Berry picking, and fishing,
And Sunday dinners like it used to be back then
A shine on my boots, a part in my hair,
Feeling inside like I'm already there
Cause in my mind, I'm standing tall,
On that hill, where I played when I was small
This greyhound bus, is moving fast,
And I'm feeling good 'cause I know it's my last
I'll soon be home, back with my kin,
Telling them all, about the places I've been

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