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Tommy Page (1988)Edit

Tommy Page - Tommy Page

Tommy Page

  1. A Zillion Kisses
  2. Turning Me On
  3. African Sunset
  4. I Think I'm In Love
  5. Hard To Be Normal
  6. I Love London
  7. Making My Move
  8. Love Takes Over
  9. A Shoulder To Cry On
  10. Minetta Lane

Paintings In My Mind (1990)Edit

Tommy Page - Paintings in My Mind

Paintings in My Mind

  1. I'll Be Your Everything
  2. I Break Down
  3. Turn On The Radio
  4. Don't Give Up On Love (duet with Safire)
  5. When I Dream Of You
  6. Till The End Of Time
  7. Just Before (I Was Gonna Say I Love You)
  8. Don't Walk Away
  9. You're The Best Thing (That Ever Happened To Me)
  10. Paintings In My Mind

From The Heart (1991)Edit

Tommy Page - From the Heart

From the Heart

  1. Whenever You Close Your Eyes
  2. Under The Rainbow
  3. Madly In Love
  4. You Are My Heaven
  5. I Still Believe (Prelude)
  6. I Still Believe In You And Me
  7. Written All Over My Heart
  8. My Shining Star
  9. Can't Get You Outta My mind
  10. I'll Never Forget You
  11. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again

A Friend To Rely On (1992)Edit

Tommy Page - A Friend to Rely On

A Friend to Rely On

  1. Wouldn't It Be Good
  2. Heaven In Your Eyes
  3. Can't Live Without The Music
  4. Searching For My Smile
  5. I'm Always Dreaming Of You
  6. Can't Live Without The Music (Dub)
  7. Once In A Lifetime
  8. I'm Falling In Love
  9. Never Had It So Good
  10. Turn On The Radio (House Mix)
  11. A Zillion Kisses (Big Beat Mix)
  12. A Friend To Rely On (Instrumental)

Time (1994)Edit

Tommy Page - Time


  1. Tell The World
  2. Places In My Heart
  3. Time
  4. Why
  5. Something In Your Eyes
  6. Gonna Turn It Out
  7. Spend Tonight With You
  8. If I Had A Wish
  9. I'm Only Thinking Of You
  10. Now That I Found You
  11. Time (Reprise)
  12. Can't Get Enough Of You

Loving You (1996)Edit

Tommy Page - Loving You

Loving You

  1. Prelude (Loving You From Passion)
  2. The Best Part (duet wth Amy Mastura)
  3. Fly Again
  4. I Can't Change The Way You Don't Feel
  5. My Heart Keeps On Calling Your Name
  6. Like Air
  7. The Hardest Thing I've Ever Had To Do
  8. I See Your Smile
  9. Word Of Honor
  10. When I'm Loving You
  11. That's What I Think
  12. I Keep Hoping
  13. Missing You
  14. Reprise-Loving You (From Passion)

Other SongsEdit

  1. Shoulder To Cry On

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b.1970, d.2017

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Tommy Page is a performance name for Thomas Alden Page.

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