Tommy James:Discography: Deals And Demos '74-'92 (1993)

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Album by Tommy James.

Disc 1Edit

  1. Where Have All the Flowers Gone (Prologue)
  2. Glory, Glory
  3. Comin' Down
  4. I Love You Love Me Love
  5. Devil Gate Drive
  6. (Do You Wanna) Touch Me
  7. Jimmy Who? (Sound Bite)
  8. Tighter, Tighter
  9. Love Is Gonna Find A Way
  10. Lady In White
  11. Three Times In Love
  12. You Got Me
  13. The Reagan Revolution (Sound Bite)
  14. You're So Easy To Love
  15. Halfway To Heaven
  16. Shy Boy
  17. Two Time Lover
  18. Say Please

Disc 2Edit

  1. The Reagan Years (Sound Bite)
  2. Do Somethin' To Me
  3. Runnin' Out On Love
  4. A Voice in the Wilderness (Sound Bite)
  5. Carry Me Back
  6. Nobody Left To Cry
  7. Don't Bring Me Down
  8. Hearts Are Gonna Break Tonite
  9. Songs for Everybody (Sound Bite)
  10. One Emotion Away
  11. Go
  12. Burnin' For You
  13. Annie Come Knockin'
  14. Ordinary Girl
  15. You Take My Breath Away
  16. A Bit of Armageddon (Sound Bite)
  17. Distant Thunder
  18. Angels And Strangers
  19. Tighter, Tighter
  20. Ya' Gotta Believe (Sound Bite)
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