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Exception to the Rule (1996)Edit

Tommy Castro - Exception to the Rule

Exception to the Rule

  1. Had Enough
  2. Exception to the Rule
  3. Nasty Habits
  4. This Soul Is Mine
  5. Sho' Enough
  6. Me and My Guitar
  7. Hard Luck Case
  8. How Long Must I Cry
  9. Leave This Town
  10. Can't Quit the Blues

Can't Keep A Good Man Down (1997)Edit

Tommy Castro - Can't Keep a Good Man Down

Can't Keep a Good Man Down

  1. Can't Keep A Good Man Down
  2. You Knew The Job Was Dangerous
  3. Suitcase Full Of Bues
  4. You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do
  5. I Want To Show You
  6. My Time After Awhile
  7. Take The Highway Down
  8. High On The Hog
  9. You Only Go Around Once
  10. Nobody Loves Me Like My Baby
  11. Hycodan
  12. Can't You See What You're Doing To Me

Right as Rain (1999)Edit

Tommy Castro - Right as Rain

Right as Rain

  1. Lucky in Love
  2. Like an Angel
  3. Right as Rain
  4. Don't Turn Your Heater Down
  5. I've Got to Love Somebody's Baby
  6. I Got to Change
  7. If I Had a Nickel
  8. Callin' San Francisco
  9. Just a Man
  10. Chairman of the Board
  11. My Kind of Woman
  12. Kickin' In

Live at the Fillmore (2000)Edit

Tommy Castro - Live at the Fillmore

Live at the Fillmore

  1. Right as Rain
  2. Like an Angel
  3. Nasty Habits
  4. My Time After Awhile
  5. Lucky in Love
  6. I Got to Change
  7. Can't You See What You're Doing to Me
  8. Just a Man
  9. Can't Keep a Good Man Down
  10. The Girl Can't Help It
  11. Sex Machine

Gratitude (2003)Edit

Tommy Castro - Gratitude


  1. I Take What I Want
  2. Come Back Baby
  3. Lovey Dovey
  4. 44
  5. Bad Case of Love
  6. Tulane
  7. It Serves You Right to Suffer
  8. I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On
  9. Everybodys Want to Go to Heaven
  10. I Found a Love
  11. I Want to Be Loved
  12. When My Left Eye Jumps

Soul Shaker (2005)Edit

Tommy Castro - Soul Shaker

Soul Shaker

  1. Just Like Me
  2. Let's Give Love a Try
  3. Anytime Soon
  4. What You Gonna' do Now?
  5. The Next Right Thing
  6. Soul Shaker
  7. No One Left to Lie To
  8. Wake Up Call
  9. The Holdin' On
  10. Take Me Off the Road
  11. The Cassanova
  12. Big Love

Painkiller (2007)Edit

Tommy Castro - Painkiller


  1. Love Don't Care
  2. I'm Not Broken
  3. Painkiller
  4. Big Sister's Radio
  5. A Good Fool Is Hard to Find
  6. Err on the Side of Love
  7. I Roll When I Rock
  8. If You Believe (In What You Do)
  9. It's That Time Again
  10. Goin' Down South
  11. Lonesome and Then Some
  12. It Ain't Easy Bein' Me

Hard Believer (2009)Edit

Tommy Castro - Hard Believer

Hard Believer

  1. Definition of Insanity
  2. It Is What It Is
  3. Hard Believer
  4. Monkey's Paradise
  5. Ninety-Nine and One Half
  6. Backup Plan
  7. Gotta Serve Somebody
  8. Trimmin Fat
  9. Make It Back to Memphis
  10. Victims of the Darkness
  11. My Babe
  12. The Trouble With Soul

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Other SongsEdit

  1. Overseas

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