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My Reason

This song is by Tommy C and appears on the album C Mixtape (2012).

(Tommy C's Verse)
Some people ask me why I stay home,
Everybody's out at the club tonight.
And why you trapped in the studio?
Why aren't out there living life?

Truth is I don't dream at night.
'Cause I'm living it everyday.
Long as I got you right here.
Nothing's gon change the way I feel.

Imma keep grindin', you can best believe,
That I won't, won't, won't give up.
And go on and let it rain,
Tornados can't stop me, no that ain't enough.

You give me the drive,
So that I will make it through,
I close my eyes and there's nothing I can't do,
Blood pressure rising, no I ain't smokin' but I swear I'm feeling high.

It ain't about money,
It ain't about the fame,
I take this thing serious,
It's not a game,

If you wonder why I do what I do,
Simple answer, it's all for you,
I do it all for you, you,
Everyday it's all for you, you.

It ain't about money,
It ain't about the fame,
Wonder why I do it?
You're my reason.

(J.Reyez's Verse)
I see 'em in the line, they all anticipating
Before the music starts, seconds to greatest
Bright lights and all of the beautiful faces
They all embrace it and I'm feeling so appreciated

I'm looking grinny, I smile at my enemies
Sorry do I know you? nah you ain't a friend to me
Why do suckas lie just to get in the industry
Love me or hate me, yeah bitch I'm bittersweet

I'm so greater, I don't understand the haters
Another Asian in the game, they under estimate us
Yeah I know I said it, another Asian pride line
But I influence, while you watching on the sideline

Who better than myself to train me
I gotta represent for my people, take a swim in the mainstream
And what is swagger when you mention it to me
I don't care, I just know that my perfection is the key

(Jargon's Verse)
Look, I don't do it for the man, man never notice
I Just do it for my fans- they the fuckin' coldest
My life, my struggle, my deepest fears
My fans, are my reason, I'm even here!

I'm married to the game, no wedding ring
'Cause I know if I leave, I'll lose everything
N I ain't ready to quit now, I ain't gon sit down
I handle my shit now

Try to tell 'em what I stand for, haters like I don't care
He's (J) ust (A) nother (R) apper (G) oing (O) bviously (N) owhere
N Jargon supporters understand the definition
But the def' in definition's why the haters neva listen

Instead a dissin, pay attention what I'm spittin'
If you look a lil closer, might relate to how I'm livin'
N if you gotta ask, why I do
I ain't no different, this my reason- man I'm just like YOU

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