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This song is by Tommy C and appears on the album C Mixtape (2012).

To me you're like a sunset,
On a perfect night.
The main course on a dinner cruise,
Flavors just right.

There ain't no one better to me,
Or better for me, just where would I be.
You're that missing piece I been looking for,
Now my picture is complete.

The sun, the stars, clouds and the moon,
I don't notice when you're around.
Promise I'll take you above the clouds,
Won't let anyone bring you down,

Baby you're flawless,
I wouldn't change anything about you girl.
Baby you're flawless,
And I need you in my world.
I would go to war for you,
Search the universe for you,
You're that diamond in my heart,
Baby you're flawless.

Take that makeup off your face,
It hides everything I love about you.
Girl you sweep me off my feet.
Makes my spirits rise like zero gravity.

Your body language needs no translation,
I can read you perfectly.
You're the one that lights me up when I'm in the dark.
The joy in all my memories.

Your weakness is your beauty,
But your beauty is my weakness,
I could never get anyone to love me,
As much as you've given me.

(Lil Crazed)
Can I call you Mona Lisa baby?
'Cause you're a work of art,
With a smile so bright that it shines like the light,
That comes from the northern stars,

My insides tangled, an angel,
I'm feeling close to God,
Blessed that everyday I wake up,
Next to you and your open arms,

And the way you fit in mine,
It's like you're made for me,
Let's rearrange those letters sitting between A and Z,
'Cause I and you are meant to be, I know you see it,
Put a heart between the two, ha, then baby read it (I luv U)
That's how I'm feeling.

(Hook) (Out)