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​Clock Without a Maker

This song is by Tombstone da Deadman.

(Doctor Manhattan)
You're going to try to convince me to save the world. Now, why would I save a world I no longer have any stake in?

Whether I'm alive or dead upon this reading, I hope the world survives long enough for this journal to reach you. I live my life free of compromise and step into the shadow without complaint or regret.

(Doctor Manhattan)
You shut out what you're afraid of.
(Sally Jupiter)
I'm not afraid. You want me to see things your way? Go ahead. Show me. Do that thing you do.

(Tombstone Da Deadman)
Now understand that faith with no reasoning is like food with no seasoning
Please inspect the contents of the things you be believin' in.
Check that hocus pocus, before you open up your mandible
I disregard your argument, because it's not tangible
You and a million others want to say your god is real
And the books you callin' scripture was the word he did reveal
But then a million others, lookin' at the same book
Make up a whole different religion, with a different outlook
See I question inconsistencies, so I better relate to you
But when I start debatin' you, you claiming that I'm hatin' you
Full of paranoia and conspiracy theories
And that's just the type of mindset I don't wanna get near me
Put that superstitious jargon in the minds of the children
They might grow up to fly airplanes in the side of a building
Now you're sayin' that's extreme, but these delusions can be serious
For every sane religion, there's two that are delirious
Man I was a christian, and a muslim as well
So basically they say the same thing, we're goin' to hell
Unless you believe what they believin' and the story they tell
But fear don't work with me, so logically the whole story fell
See I logically deduced it with a rational mind
Plus I'm a grown man, so child's play, I leave it behind...

(Doctor Manhattan)
Perhaps the world is not made. Perhaps nothing is made. A clock without a craftsman. It's too late. Always has been. Always will be. Too late.