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Only Lonely

This song is by Tom Wehrle and appears on the album Room To Dream (2005).

You're my Autumn Walker
Oh, how you've grown, but somehow
No you would, no you never would know
So how do you fair thee
Isolated from the world you try to take on your own

You fall like rain today
You drown into each passing wave

I've seen your smile fade
It washed away
Change moves slowly
I've seen your heart crack
It turned back
Leaving you only lonely

Taken in sometimes with your life
You're living on the line
Running inside your mind
I'm trying so hard
I'm desperate to find you wherever you are

You are so beautiful tonight
Wanting to shine so bright

How many times does this have to go
The same way down before you figure it out
And how many times can you fall before you break

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