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My Heart Breaks Through

This song is by Tom Wehrle and appears on the album Room To Dream (2005).

I see you fall alone
As you try to find a home
Wandering for your soul
In places you fear to go
You're always a beat to slow
You know it's always sad to hear how the story goes

With you...

It's you my heart breaks through
It's you that breaks my heart
Into a million different parts
It's you my heart breaks through

You try to find a theme
Longing to be free
Wondering to believe
Anything from me
I talk about crazy things
From time to time but these words I'll always mean

Now you come crawling back
Afraid to face the fact
That memories and fears have hidden your life
I know you've had enough
You say you're just down on your luck
But I know there's more than can be seen with my eyes

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