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I Will Be Your Friend

This song is by Tom Wehrle and appears on the album Room To Dream (2005).

I can't say I've been there
I can't say I understand
I can't say I approve or that I want to
I won't tell you something if you already know
I won't believe in less then the you I've come to know

I will carry you wherever you need me to
I will be your friend
However lonely the road
You will not go alone
'Cause I will be your friend

From the way I see it you're the biggest star
I'd be so lucky to be half of what you are
So if you need a perspective
I've got a different view
I'll show you everyday until you see the truth

I see that life can bring you down in the simplest of ways
Yeah, I feel it's time you hear it again
That I will love you until the end

I will hold you high
Take you closer to the light
'Cause I will be your friend
Yeah, I will be your friend

No matter how far away
I will always stay
'Cause I will be your friend

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