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Long Way Home

This song is by Tom Waits and appears on the Compilation box set Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards (2007).

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Well I stumbled in the darkness
I'm lost and alone
Though I said I'd go before us
And show the way back home
There a light up ahead
I can't hold on very long
Forgive me pretty baby
I always take the
Long way home

Money's just something you throw
Off the back of a train
I got a head full of lightning
And hat full of rain
And I know that I said
I'd never do it again
And I love you pretty baby
But I'll always take
The long way home

I put food on the table
And roof over our head
But I'd trade it all tomorrow
For the highway instead
Watch your back
Keep your eyes shut tight
Your love's the only thing I've ever known
But one thing's for sure pretty baby
I'll always take the long way home

I love you baby
More than the whole wide world
You are my woman you know
You are my pearl
Let's go out
Past the party lights
Where can we finally be alone
Come with me and together we
We can take the long way home


Written by:

Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan Wikipedia16

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