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Baby Gonna Leave Me

This song is by Tom Waits and appears on the album Real Gone (2004).

Well I stood on the corner
Until my feet got wet
I stood by the faucet
Till the sink filled up
I stood by the window
Until the moon came up
My baby's bought a ticket
Long as my clothes line

My baby went and left me in a '49 Ford
Going down the highway in a 49 sword
My baby ripped my heart out
With every turn of the moon
Somebody told me
There's never been a rose without a thorn

Well I'm just another sad guest
On this dark earth

And if I was a tree
I'd be a cut down tree
And if I was a bed
I'd be an unmade bed
I'll get my 32/20 and it'll have to do

Gone like the wind in the meadow
And the rain on the hill
You even left your lipstick
And your powder and your blush

Baby gonna leave me
On a Grey Hound bus
The stars are melting
All across the sky

I let the dog out
But he didn't come back

Stood on the corner until
My feet got wet

Baby leave me in a '49 Ford
I stood by the window
Until the moon came up


Written by:

Kathleen Brennan, Tom Waits

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