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Dancing Is Not A Crime

This song is by Tom Snow and appears on the musical soundtrack Footloose - Original Broadway Cast Recording (2009).

Ren (Garvin, Jeter, Bickle and Willard)

Dancing is not a crime
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Yeah, ever since the dawn of time
If anything, everybody had the right
To howl at the moon
And to move all night (Ah-ooh)
Move all night

When folks were tribal
Back before the Bible
They were liable to dance
When the crops came in
Or they'd pull out all the stops
When the earth would spin
Or maybe
They had a battle to win
So they'd go thumpin' on a tree trunk (thump, thump, thump, thump)
Grooving to the free funk

And just like that
(In nothin' flat)
There'd be hands clappin'
Toes tappin', feet flappin'
Dogs yappin'
I coulda told you that would happen
They would dance
(They would dance)
Every time they had the chance
Whatever the season
Or circumstance
They found a reason to throw
A party in their pants
And they'd dance
(Wow! They would dance)
Yeah, dance!
(Yeah! They would dance)
Oh, dance!
(Dance, they would dance)
Yeah, dance
(Dance, they would dance)
(We're cool)

So if you've heard about
Adam and Abraham
You will remember this guy
From the Book of Sam-uel.
David? Y'know, King David?
He made a science
Outta knockin' out giants
(The bigger they come
The harder they fall)
He didn't like math
Or geography
But check this out (Check this out)
He loved choreography!

(Careful, Ren
There's a law
Now what were you saying
To Reverend Shaw?)

Right here, in black and white
Says he was "leaping and dancing
With all of his might"
(Leaping and dancing) Leaping and dancing
In front of his Lord
But David wasn't doing it
For some reward
(No, no, no, no)
It might sound odd
But David thought it brought him
Closer to God
So he would dance
Every time he had the chance
Whatever the season or circumstance
(Whatever the season or circumstance)
He found a reason to throw
A party in his pants (In his pants)
And he'd dance
He would dance)

So dancing doesn't always
Make you do nasties
Look at the Book of Ecclesiastes
There's a time to laugh
A time to weep
There's a time to plant
A time to reap
And there's a time (And there's a time)
To dance (to dance)
It says it right here (right here)
Right here
Man doth dance
(And it was good)

And if the Bible tells me so
Then what have I got to fear?
(Huh, got no fear, huh)
We only wanna kick up our heels
And I betcha every one of you knows how that feels

I betcha do
(They do)
Uh huh
I betcha do
(They say they don't
But we know they do)
People been dancing
Since God knows when
And that's the way
It should be again
So let's dance (Hal-le-lu)
Every time we get the chance (Let's dance)
Whatever the season
Or circumstance
(Find a reason) to throw
That party in your pants
And then
(Whatever the season)
Let's dance, dance, dance, dance
Whatever the season
Or reason
It's pleasin'
To dance

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