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Why I Shouldn't Have Let You In

This song is by Tom Milsom and appears on the album Awkward Ballads for the Easily Pleased (2008).

You told me 'seize the day'
And then I thought you cared
And I tried to face my fears
But then I just got really scared

And even the fluffiest of silver clouds
Are made of freezing wetness
And you tell me life's a bitch
But I don't really think you get this,

And I wish that I'd not let you in any more,
And I wish that I'd been a bit fussier about the kind of people I let through the door
If I'd hesitated, I might have been fated
To live me own life without you.

I never really meant to
Share achronologically
The little things that made me me
I never though I'd have to
Quantify them day by day

I never really felt the need
To take my two or three
Neuroses then talk openly
About them and then brutally
Dissect them on a tray

And I'm glad that you're not
Telling me what to do
And I with that I'd not spent the time
Illuminating up the past with little tales of who had
Nurtured me naturally fro the womb
Through to now, my own life, without you.