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This song is by Tom Milsom and appears on the album Awkward Ballads for the Easily Pleased (2008).

Now I know I'm not the sort
Of guy who'll sit and talk 'bout sport
It's true

And I know it seems unplanned
With my piano here at hand
But I've got something I want to ask you

And if I had a pound for every
Time you turned me down,
I'd have one pound fifty
In my bank account right now.
The world can see
We're not that different, you and me
So let's get together, show the world
How different we can be,
Oh oh oh

And I know that in the past
Your answer's no when I have asked
But still,
Hope springs eternal
That one day you'll feel maternal
And there's a hole within your soul that I can fill.

So I'll ask again if you will go out with me
Even though I know deep down what the answer's gonna be
My girl until we die,
If I kill a man be my alibi
But please just let me know
Tell me yes or no,
Oh oh oh

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