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​Ship of Blue and Green

This song is by Tom McRae and appears on the album From the Lowlands (2012).

Slow comes the waking from black and fever dreams
We were drifting on the high seas on a ship of blue and green.
Sounds from the street rip me from my sleep,
I'm slow walking out, empty city streets,
Shake myself awake, and thinking still of you,
In a ship of green and blue.

Oh, through a slow day my mind falls with me
And colors in my memory are brighter than those I see.
But our heart still beats here, it's just a splendid souvenir,
I'm slow walking out, famous city streets,
Streets you'll never know, I'll describe them all for you,
On a ship of green and blue.

Cold was the morning, the sky of bloody blues
We were talking about the old times and singing songs for you
You were dressed up for the ride, silver dollars on your eyes
I'm slow walking out, darkened city streets,
Feeling nothing now, just following my fear
Till land gives way to sea.
I'll tell you everything, brother, when we meet.
When we're drifting on a sea on a ship of blue and green.