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Fuck You, Prometheus

This song is by Tom McRae and appears on the album From the Lowlands (2012).

Don't play me, I had four full of lawyer hours,
Sleeping tight, not stealing fire,
Oh, Prometheus, when will I ever learn?

I've played my part, worked hard all my life
You stole from me the comfort of the night.
And now the shadows grow, thrown by your fire light.

Oh, Prometheus, my friend,
When will I ever learn?
Oh, Prometheus, my friend,
I play with you and I get burned.
Oh, oh.

Forgive now, brothers in arms, this
Mind in sight, this lost its charms
And I've climbed so high, now I'm losing heart.

I'll sing my songs and I'll, I'll play the game
That I could not get close to your burning flame.
Oh, Prometheus, just leave me here alone in the dark.

Oh, Prometheus, my friend,
Remember the old days?
Oh, Prometheus, my friend,
Now you're addicted to the flame.
Oh, oh, oh, oh.

So I'll walk out in the light of dawn and I'll
Never speak of all the things I've done.
I will not look back or ever feel ashamed.

With head held high I will start again
You can be the fire and I'll be the rain,
Oh, Prometheus, you and I were never really friends.

So, Prometheus, goodbye,
The gods will never know my name.
So, Prometheus, goodbye,
I'll never set the world to flame,
I'll never set the world to flame,
I'll never set the world to flame.

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