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(I'm Spending) Hannukah In Santa Monica

This song is by Tom Lehrer and appears on the 3 disc box-set The Remains of Tom Lehrer (2000).

I'm spending Hannukah
In Santa Monica
Wearing sandals, lighting candles by the sea
I spent Shavuos
In East Saint Louis
A charming spot but clearly not the spot for me ...

Those eastern winters, I can't endure 'em
So every year I pack my gear and come out here till Purim

Rosh Hashona
I spend in Arizona
And Yom Kippah
Way down in Mississippah

But in December there's just one place for me
Mid the California flora
I'll be lighting my menorah
Like a baby in its cradle
I'll be playing with my draydel
Here's to Judas Maccabeus
Boy if he could only see us

Spending Hannukah
In Santa Monica
By the Sea!


Written by:

Tom Lehrer

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