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Turning Wheel

This song is by Tom Kelly Band and appears on the album Breakdown (1980) and on the album The Essential Works (2005).

You're always dreaming of
Being loved and famous,
I admit you're beautiful
But don't dream to be a star.

Look at me, oh Baby,
What is there left of me,
I'm just here and sing my songs
And that is all I can do.

You only talk about your wants
You like to dream of Donna Reed,
She is your life and all your aims,
But you're all that counts.

Girl, I think you are so sweet,
I see what's become of you,
You're just like a Turning Wheel,
That's been pushed around.

There are things much more important
As time goes by they change themselves,
You've become not fit to see
Now, I must watch you die.

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