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She's Sick Again

This song is by Tom Kelly Band and appears on the album Rehearsals 1991 (A Two Track Rehearsal Live Recording) (2009).

Bored she walked along the road,
With an umberella and a fifty cent hat.
I asked her to come with me,
But something warned me and suddenly,
I saw the writings on the wall.

She is sick again,
In her eyes.

Come my girl the party is over
And your tits are hard and tough.
The bottles are empty, the guys are full
And all that I want to know of are,
The things between you and me.

She is sick again,
In her eyes.

Baby look the river's red,
The ship of hope doesen't sail no more.
What I do and what I think,
You don't care but one of these days,
They'll present you with a great big bill.

She is sick again.
In her eyes.

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