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Indian Summer's Last Stand

This song is by Tom Kelly Band and appears on the album The Essential Works (2005).

In the pale light of dust is,
A dark mystical shape that,
Is sitting across of me:
'I can't recognize what the heck'.
Kinda face he is hiding,
Questions not penetrating,
He stays still and silence,
Like a shadow of a tree.

Stand by your Ground.

His game of card - he readies,
And suffles in the moonlight.
Ever patient and so gentle:
'I believe I've recognized'
This still and silent shadow.
His destiny, my destiny,
Has gone into my mind
And is shuffling now my cards.

Stand by your Ground.
Indian Summer's Last Stand.

He's handing me his cards, now
And lays them in my hand, so.
I've recognizes this time:
'That the time has come to me',
To play his prepared games
And I'll see what it will bring me,
'Cause now is the beginning
Of games with destiny.

Stand by your Ground.
Indian Summer's Last Stand.

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