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​Heart Flight

This song is by Tom Kelly Band and appears on the album Breakdown (1980) and on the album The Essential Works (2005).

When my little Babe,
Is so good to me.
Then I feel her legs,
Like a never felt before.
But when the night is over,
With the breaking of the day.
And when I think of you,
Last night was nothing but a waste.

Oh, my little Babe,
You're so good to me.
And how I feel you later,
Oh, Babe how you never know.
Again press your legs,
They are so sweet to me.
Your hand is like that too,
I love it like the rest of you.

Shak'em little Babe,
They are so soft to me.
And when they pushed me gently,
Oh, Baby, how do I love ya.
But all the time my Babe,
An other day will come.
And when I think it over,
Than last night was just a lie!