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​Doxy House

This song is by Tom Kelly Band and appears on the album Breakdown (1980) and on the album The Essential Works (2005).

Hey Girl what do you think I'm only for your pleasure here
Didn't I tell ya it's not like that.
I'm a man and you're a girl and that alone is all that counts
I don't love ya that's what I meant.

But Baby please don't go!

Hey Babe I've got a car and people say I am a star
And if I could love ya just one night.
But don't think I have to stand your no good leaching evil pimps
And if I don't see that you'll go.

But, Baby please don't go!

Hey, hey Mama I need some dough, 'cause I got me a brand new Chick
And I think she's good enough to love.
I'll be ging with the girl and sweeten up this evening
And that's why we're gonna need this dough!

But, Baby please don't go!

Hey Dude, keep your hands, off my delicious beautiful girl,
Or I will knock out your teeth.
But if you must take my girl and warm her up a little bit,
So that she is ready now for me.

But, Baby please don't go!