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This song is by Tom Jeefs and appears on the album Classic (2011).

Shit I need a painkiller
The pain is getting deeper man I gotta make the strains bigger
Then I'ma make it rain bigger,
My style impregnated in your brain
Makes the pressure in your veins bigger
I'm flawless but defaulted
I'm lawless and exalted
I'm exhausted 'cause of goals I try to reach often
Now what's the best medicine?
Is it sex, is it drugs
Or is it the antibiotics from the Rebbetzin
I don't know what got into you
You look the same but act funny
It's strange 'cause I know you like my principles
See the difference between me and the others is I
Flee undercover if I feel that I gotta but I
Never pull a move that ain't conscious about
I like to get what I want man I am dodging and out!
Now if you for whatever reason feel like I lie to you
Get at me hit me up and I'ma come by for you

This is lyrical style, 16 miles to the pinnacle while
I cynical write lyrics precise clinical style
What you thought it was, I'm a maniac,
A Brainiac, I fuck with your lyrics, nymphomaniac
Famous Ignoramus, better know what the day is,
Who you stay with, Nothing to play with, lyrical A-List
Going against Jeefs is brainless, I hold the golden rod
This kingdom is mine, try to blow me up and get blown apart
Intellectual property you can't steal this
If you come out with rhymes like this they know that you ain't real bitch
My lyrics are virgins they never been fucked
So is my style my mid-man it's never been touched
Clean and flawless, I prove my point regardless
Of how long the war takes, Cornwallis
I'm a monster, I flatline the beat somber
Write in a basement next to nine millimetres and revolvers I'm back!

See what I did man here comes the fuzz
I still don't give up, I'm serious becuz,
Winning below and losing above ain't hard
Is like pure hatred and accusing the love
I'm abusing the buzz that I get when I see you!
'Cause I'm furious and all
Man I am curious, common
The goal in life is wisdom and knowledge
But is it also considered knowledge, knowing the modest
About people that are close to you
Like your mothers and fathers
And especially your friends whose lifes you are a part of?
Or is healthy privacy something that needs to be
Abided most of the time so that you ain't gotta lie to me?
Doing what I can is just my faithfulness
I need nothing in return but honest gratefulness
And people don't act like you fair and come here...
Most of you fuckers are fake like a crip with red underwear
Not my shit!

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