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Hard Times

This song is by Tom Jeefs and appears on the album HiDef (2012).

Pardon me jack, you tryna spit harder than that?
A Part of me died, a part of me left, a part of me deaf.
Faggot Rappers roll up they probly mean stress
I give a fuck, this is not what they could touch on their tracks
Motherfuckers tryna get a record deal you better chill and better bill
I charge a dollar fine for you to stay concealed
It's better like that. The more nervous you get the better I rap
So I suggest you to stay calm and step back
Underground is living, but Hip-hop is dying out
No shit to rhyme about, MC's is selling out
That's why I'm yelling out, you need to tell the Crowds
Get Hiphop together, shit is rambling out
We sound like savages not better than average
Arms wrapped up in Bandages because People is wildin' out
Most respect to the earners everybody packin the burners
Homicide and murder's what you motherfuckers rhyme about
And you want respect from the Masses, Rap for the Cash, it's
The same just on a lower prevalence of Asses
Madness - Is everything that you ass get
In a few years from now you will have burned Rap to ashes
Fake rappers, I'm really not into cake rappers
Getting money with passion is cool - but you speak cheddar
You need to talk Realness to speak my Language
I don't think you really understand this
Uh... We havin' hard times, everybody want dimes
I'm comin' with hard rhymes, homey
We are a Unity, peace to the community,
I opened up my eyes that means you can't be foolin' me
I'm on a mission everybody's intuition
Needs to be directed and brought into the right position
'Cause I don't know how you can feel this You need some real shit,
Everybody thinks he's the real shit
Droppin' shit like this I get instantly blackballed
Number 8 into the whole, that's not what I rap for
I'm on a Crash Course, but I still stay true to myself
That's what I do I am not an Actor
How can you know? You Can't
But you can believe me or you don't, it's all in your hand
So spread the Word, I am a Rapper and a Fan
Plain. And people want to know everything they can
So don't get excited when I talk shit that's private
You either listen up or break out in silence
Every MC in the Crowd may wanna stand out,
This is your chance do it now Everybody blackout, rap now
We havin' hard times, everybody want dimes
I'm comin' with hard rhymes, brother
Acknowledge the work that guys put in Lines,
Disrespect the Mainstream then the music will be fine, Brother
We are a Unity Peace to the Community
Shit the media says doesn't even seem true to me
So I repeat, dissin me would be a Lunacy
I'm sittin' in the sun, thinking about what the conclusions be
Nothing they could do to me, nothing they could do to us
The underground is already a Nobody, it's true but sucks
Let's run in kill every Money Rapper lyrically
Critical to the Market but it doesn't sound rude to us
And this City is crazy but so is the whole World
After you said something better check if they all head,
Open your Eyes and Open your Ears, It's 2012
Tom Jeefs the Disaster is here!

Another 60 Bars a piece

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