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Grave Diggas

This song is by Tom Jeefs, features Str8jakkett and appears on the album HiDef (2012).

(Verse, Str8jakkett)
I command the floor like Conan and Thor
Scorpion king sting like the Portuguese man of war
I feel the purpose is priceless so expect it to hurt you
I'll silver surfer ya cyphers and lame secular circles
So when I pick up this hammer and start givin' dap to this pen
And smack the ass on these bullets that's when the action begins
'Cause I'm sick of this suffering and your hypocritical brothering
Them dots will circle yo face as if yo videos bufferin
You got a mop, you flow bout as heavy as toxic shock
Stop actin' like there not a drop on yo cotton crotch
Spit at the critics with the laws of physics and block virtues
Vagina finders will leave you riddled with crop circles
Dream assassins I'm prepared to dance with gorillas
And answer them killas compare my style to Anderson Silva's
I'm coast to coastin straight off loco motion
Midwest river monster seekin' the open ocean

(Verse, Tom Jeefs)
Step back motherfuckers 'cause I'm back in town
With a pound, I lyrically murder the new sound
What? I'm an A-Hole, at least they say so
They wanna lay low and don't work at all for their payroll
Faggots wanna come up as rappers so they sum up
They want a 360 deal some bitches and a big truck
So what? One reason why I wouldn't say that in your position
Because you faggots still suck at spittin'
I'm droppin' bars like a bomber rubbernecks are droppin' jaws
You're writing pseudo-gangsta shit on trees screamin "fuck the law"
An average of 16 bars per day is whack, what you want man
I murked you, you still coming back
Don't get mad 'cause your chick rather roll with a trendsetter
I had her wet but I didn't have sex with her
-Asskisser, I'm a free agent I keep the duty low
Hating on the net but sending tracks to my studio
Gotcha - you're the definition of what boring is
I spit verses triple as long - no choruses
On the corners freestyling amongst the coroners
I was born into hiphop - so no foreigners
From the Origin I've raised, and I shall reign
A Natural Born King equipped to run the game
With a name to shatter enemies in their brain function
To dysfunction and dismember every main conjunction
I'm barbaric; my brain works simultaneously - right left
Managed to see the silhouette of Rap in HiDef
Obvious - Rap politics from the communist
Let there be dope shit for all, we're rhyming it
The apocalypse-escape space ship, I'm designing it
Fuck how much money you hold 'cause I'm flying it
Oldschool like computer blue, bringing the coolest moves
Of truest blues, the hiphop Zeus, and who are you?

(Verse, St8jakket)
I'm a stand up dude, that's how you define Stuart
Yo pedigree leanin like somethin' purple with a lime to it
Feel like I should have a tattoo of a circle with a line through it
Push my button and I'm liable to say somethin' hurtful the rhymes fluid
So take it or leave it believe it I live it I breathe it I eat it I digest it spit you see it
Before I let these demons plant the seeds of deceit
I'll have 'em leavin' they seat, Satan can read it and weep
Write rhymes in my sleep, my life line is the beat, pipe line is the street
I might blind ya wit heat
It's the right time to release so when I turn that switch on
And tell the pilot to hit the gas and that furnace kick on
Four quarters will scorch ya it's alphabetical slaughter
My post disorder will bring you the same torcher as orcha
Close to defeat, ya take over was brief
Slaughterhouse hospitality stays open for beef

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