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Codename Vienna

This song is by Tom Jeefs.

Uh! Tom Jeefs now this the city is mine
If you take in account who out here got the grittiest rhyme
Consider that I, the youngest in charge, gunning at large
Confronting with bars, known to deliver in time
Mine generates like a crack spot, acquiring the most of
Rap Stock, had to witness a decline of the growth
I'm rhyming at shows the most ridiculous flows
Turn 'em to ghosts if they think they can spit with the GOAT's
Now name one (one!) Rapper equal to me on my latitude
16 East 48 north is where I battle you.
This is 'bout my attitude I know I'm real
Confidence without a compliment I know I'm ill
But still. The reign of this city's vibe isn't overthrown
I know it from the tarmac on the street to every cornerstone
That I used to draw the blueprint in my head
Hiphop is doing good around me you think it's dead?
Bang Bang man I mean I come clean
I light up the green then I fire up the scene
What I see is what I dream, I come out when the lights are gone
Spit into 3200 dollar microphones.
Real in fact yet you don't know if I'ma peel a cap
I appeal to everybody here that got the feel for rap
Spin it back, radio DJ's are really whack
Took the essence out the rotation I make you give it back
Blueberry, Hashberrry, light up the stash
Very low from the last hit I took... lemme pass it I look
Like a 7 feet tank when I rhyme
Rappers can't see me they get lyrically spanked if they try
You can put words together but you're lacking the style
Finally when I spit I feel like I felt back in the time
When I was hyped like a motherfucker
Kept the passion to rhyme, mastered the shine plus I'm tight like a motherfucker

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