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This song is by Tom Jeefs and appears on the album Classic (2011).

No G's but still fly,
No weed but still high,
Lived in nirvana now back to the real side
A Classic, Made by the Master fast and Jurassic
I look for the boarders of the mind and trespass it
Now I'm on the other side
Knowing that I'm gonna die
If I don't change the style
Be with me on this,
If I look into your eyes
I feel like I know what's behind
Damn I know what's inside
Let's visit the world, the feelings are memorable
Every living thing without a conscience is adorable
Every single word I say is profound with the oracle
People not able to think like us are deplorable
I'm two of a kind with anybody
I could think that I feel like I know who I am but rather hardly
I'm partly philosophically lyrical catastrophically
Cynical but it's logical if, I'm positive, it's a classic

This shit right here is a (classic)

Action Reaction, this shit a classic
2011, '010 I just passed it
I'm here, now you should be ashamed of yourself
I made this tape for my friends and people ain't nobody else
There ain't one Major that could get in my Way
Broke I would feel the same,
If not I was insane by the cane
And silently, finally, I recognize the irony
Everything that they do to make me quit is just hiring me
It's not a bad thing for me, it's for you,
Every stone that they put in my way I run through,
Come through, I think I'm too steady
Too much of anything makes you an addict
Too little of anything makes you forget it
Ayurveda from Jeefs, these lines are classic
Karma, I grow Wisdom like a farmer
My people grow with me fast, it's... another classic

This shit right here is a (classic)

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